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Cheap Mobile Cell Phones and Accessories

Looking for a new phone online. Cheap Mobile Cell Phones features some of the most popular and latest models of phones. From the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the Nokia Lumia 950 all at the best prices. The latest phones have all the bells and whistles to make your phone not just a phone but conversation piece as well. Crisp videos, movies, games all the fastest speeds await those who choose the phones

Low Cost Cell Phones

Not everyone wants or needs a top of the line phone. Some benefit from having a cell phone instead of a land line. Or you might be traveling and want a prepaid phone for emergency backup say if you are going hiking . Most brands from iPhone to Samsung have lower cost, cheap cell phones for much less than their top of the line,  newest models. Furthermore, you get many of the apps that make having a cell phone fun and useful as well like games and GPS. Many of the cheaper phones can stil function like the expensive type. You can give powerPoint presentations or have video conferencing with even the cheapest of phones. This is because it is all in the apps and the power the computer chip of the phone.

More Memory Means More Power and Expense

The phone memory a phone has the more power and the more expensive. For some it's incredibly important and for others not very. If you have a cell phone instead of land line and use for phone for calls primarily, memory shouldn't be too much of a concern. But, if you have video presentations, go gaming with your phone, or heavily involved with images and videos, then a larger memory phone might be best. The bigger memory phones will deliver the best photos and videos.

Upgrading With Memory Chips

You can upgrade the power of your phone at any time with Micro SD card. There are several types of cards SD cards. For cell phones, the best thing way to find out about a card is to check with manufacturer. Some models have different type chips and this could vary from year to year. To know exactly what type of chip, micro SD or the other types of chips that can be used check your model number and go from there.

With chips it's also important to check for counterfeits since it is thriving market. When buying from a seller ask about the refund and warranty. Sometimes you can buy directly from the manufacturer which is one the best ways to go. Samsung has it's own line of Micro SD cards which, buying from them, will save guess work as to whether it's real or fake.

Other Cell Phone Upgrades

Additional upgrades you might want to consider your phone are cases to protect it against dropping. Accidents can happen and you want to keep your phone in working order. Cases add a layer of protection and insulation. More recent models allow for touch screens to work without a hitch. Other things to consider are if you use your phone while driving consider holders that fit on the dashboard or window and can allow you to drive without holding the phone. As well as microphone where you can listen and talk without holding the phone. It's a much safer way to go.

Cell Phone Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and chargers are the most frequently misplaced items. They are the most popular items at most stores because they are lost so frequently. At the menu on the left are categories of the most frequently used. iPhone, Samsung and other brands of batteries and chargers are here.

Buyer Tips for Batteries and Chargers

One tip if you are replacing a charger and cord is to buy the same brand. Most are tested and work but many manufacturers have slight variations like IQ technology for one brand of charger that might not make it compatible with a cable of another.