Bluetooth Technology – Advances in Mobile Technology

Bluetooth is every where. The word is mentioned with speakers, selfie sticks, phones and more. What is Bluetooth. This article will cover the history and future of Bluetooth.
Bluetooth is a standard for wireless technology. It was created by a consortium of companies called the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The technology is about exchanging data over a short distance using radio waves. To meet the standards of Bluetooth an item must be made to the Bluetooth specifications. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group doesn’t make any products but any product that meets standards and is a member of the organization can label products with the word Bluetooth.
The name Bluetooth is interesting. In the medieval Viking era, a Danish king named Bluetooth. This king united dissonant tribes into one. This is the theory behind Bluetooth . Today, Bluetooth comprises over 25,000 member companies and universities who are united in uses for Bluetooth technology.
Bluetooth uses radio frequency to connect with receptive Bluetooth items. The maximum amount of devices a Bluetooth device can connect to at once is seven. The data exchange is done in packets and is a multiple access method of data exchange.
Bluetooth is a standard for short distance, low power data exchange like speakers. Most Bluetooth exchanges are for indoor exchange, but there are some Bluetooth applications up to  1 km. Though, the greater the power of the radio frequency, the greater the emissions. Radio waves are thought to be potentially cancer causing. Though concrete evidence is hard to find.
Applications for  Bluetooth include:
Headsets allowing people to talk and listen hands free on their cellphones.
Wireless speakers like the Amazon Tap
Wireless networking between two computers.
Game controllers for wireless controllers
Health data transfer
Bar code scanners.
These are some of the applications of Bluetooth and there are more. New developements  and applications are occurring every day. Amazon’s app Alexa is able to connect to smart products like smart lights, thermostats etc and able to voice control for home products.
Since radio waves are the source. There was a period where radio waves where being hijacked and used by the highjackers. This was called bluejacking. Security improvements have led to a decrease of this phenomenom.
Bluetooth technology is an exciting and dynamic application. Advances are being made every day. Radio wave frequency is less than that emitted by cell phones. It will be interesting to see where this technology is in several years.