How To Backup and Restore Your HTC Phone

There are times when it's smart to backup all your data from your HTC phone to your computer. You may have so much data on your phone, all the processing from many progams, files and apps have slowed it down. It's time to pare down some files. Another time is when you are getting a new phone and want to import all the apps and/or data from one phone to another. Still another time you want to backup your files is when you have important information on your phone such as phone numbers of significant people. Today, so many keep information on their phone and forget to backup phone numbers. When their phone is lost they are at a loss of important phone numbers as well. This article will show you how to backup and restore your phone data to your computer or new phone and keep your information using HTC Sync Manager.

HTC Sync Manager can backup most files and phone settings. The list of data HTC can backup include:

  • Ringtones


  • Wallpaper


  • Home screen layount


  • Feed sources


  • Email accounts and login credentials


  • Data


  • Contacts and events


  • Text messages and call history


  • Web Bookmarks


  • Some system and HTC app settings


  • Media and documents, including music, videos, photos and PDFs


Backup Procedure

The procedure to backup your phone data is very easy. Simply hookup your phone to your computer via USB cable. The HTC Sync Manager screen will appear. Click Home > Transfer and Backup. You then select the items to import from your phone to your computer. You can also choose if you want to always backup your data when you connect. For most people it's not usually the case to always backup data but occasionally. Then click Backup now link. For the first backup, you have an option to set a password for the backup file. Enter your password, click OK and you're all set. Wait for the backup to finish. It's as simple as that.

Restore Procedure

Once you have your backup on your computer and you have upgraded your phone, you can restore all the date from your old phone to new one. In some cases, you only want to download things from your phone. A classroom lecture is a good example. If you find yourself falling asleep in a lecture, you might want to record it and download it later. You don't need to restore it. In other cases like  phone contacts you want this information back on your computer as soon as possible. To do this simply connect your phone to your computer. The HTC Sync Manager screen will appear. Click Home > Transfer and Backup. Under Backup and Restore, click Restore. Then select the file you've backedup previously to restore. You then choose to replace the content from the old phone to the new phone. Similarly to importing pictures to your computer. Once the restoration is complete, you can choose to erase the backedup file. Remember this before you click it. If you have things you want to keep as a reference don't click this option. And finally, on the phone, open the Notifications panel with a finger swipe motion, tap the Home screen restored to apply the previous layout to your phone. That's all it takes to restore your HTC cell phone.

Managing Backups

Depending on your use of the phone, managing backup files might be necessary. If you're a student who has lecture after lecture on your phone.You might have several backup files you want to keep. Or you might want to remove a backup. To manage your backups, in the HTC Sync Manager click Home > Transfer and Backups. Under Backup and Restore, click Manage. Here is where you change a password of a backup, delete it or move it to another folder.

The HTC Sync Manager is the convenient way to manage your cell phone. You can easily backup data files to  transfer to your new phone or keep files strictly on your computer. Restoring files from an old phone to new version is as easy a touching the screen. So, if you update your phone or get a new one, you're never at a loss of your favorite cell phone items.