How To Get More From Your Cell Phone

Mobile cell technology has advanced so much, so frequently it's a an enriching experience for the cell phone user.  Touch technology has come of age and now all it takes to make a phone call is to touch a screen. Even though many people don't have to attempt to remember numbers still the touch screen really makes it a breeze to call others and much more. The latest advancement became the smartphone.

Smartphones changed the game and they are so useful in more ways than one.  Apps are the main way the game has changed. There are apps for everything with new apps coming out everyday. A doctor or nurse can find an app to evaluate pupil dilation. Or now police brutality is now frequently documented and ends up on the news . In the past, it was the police words against the victim. Or people can take pictures and videos of their favorite celebrities and sell them to the tabloids. There are some things to do to get the most for your cell phone.

Apps like your computer, have a cache. The cache stores alot of memory of an application so the next time you use it, you get faster access. The process of storing the app cache can drain the phone of working memory, slowing down the speed. It's important to clean the cache weekly. There are other things that can help improve your cell phone.

Many people load up the phone with one app after another. Over time some apps are utilized more than others. A simple tip is to disable apps that are no longer in use. For example, you might have an app for a certain time like a vacation with places to go and adventures and things like that. Once the vacation is over, get rid of the app. Now, it's taking up space on your phone. Another example is an app for pregnancy. Once you have the baby, you can get rid of the app. Removing apps that are no longer needed is a great way to save precious memory and space. Additional tips include getting rid of files that are no longer needed. Videos seem to be the biggest hog of space and  if you have videos you no longer use getting rid of them will speed up your phone.


These are some simple tips to get the best from your cellphone. Following them will reward you with a faster cell phone that you can use for other things.