How To Unlock Your Cell Phone

If you are looking for a cell phone you often come across the word locked or unlocked and may not know what the difference is. Alternatively, you might see the word locked and not be thrilled at the carrier the phone comes with or want to keep your own carrier. Reasons to keep the carrier you have include ease of one bill or they may have a special deal. You might want to change carriers because of a special deal they have as well. This articles covers the difference between locked and unlocked phones and how to unlock a phone.

When a phone is locked it means it is locked in to a mobile phone carrier such as Fios or Sprint. These are wireless phone line carriers. Now you know what a phone advertised with the word locked means lets cover the term unlocked. Unlocked means the phone has no carrier plan. You are free to choose who you want to be your wireless provider. This can be handy if your primary landline phone has a discount for wireless plan. Also at times, carriers offer discounts that may give substantial savings over your current plan and you might benefit from switching carriers. is one of the most popular sites to use to unlock phones. There have been over million plus unlocked phones via To unlock a phone is very easy. At, select your model brand and model name. For example Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is complete manufacturer and model name. Then you fill out details in the provided form. You will get instructions and unlocking code in your email. Put the new Sim Card in your phone. The Sim Card is your mobile account information, so you need to have your new carrier in place before attempting to unlock your phone. Afterwards, input the PIN and press OK. If everything went well, you will see "Operation Successful" and you are good to go.

Unlock Phone has been in business for over 12 years and is a leading site for unlocking phones. LG, Iphone, Samsung, Sony and most brands are available for unlocking. In addition to, you can ask your carrier to unlock your phone or for tech savvy reset your phone to factory settings. For those with phones, ask your carrier if it is ok to reset the phone to factory settings.You may have to pay for changing your phone to a factory reset or unlocked state.

Unlocking a phone can save you money by getting a better carrier deal. You have to be sure you are able to unlock or change the settings on your present phone. For those getting a cell phone for the first time. The choice is yours. You might find an unlocked phone better than a locked phone for your needs or the other way around. It really depends on what you use your phone for and special deals received with your carrier.