HTC Sync Manager Lets You Sync Files Between Your Phone Computer and Iphone

Never forget files from your computer or iphone. You can sync all files from your computer be it Mac or Windows and Iphone to your cell phone and have your favorite files at the touch of your HTC phone. HTC Sync Manager is this piece of great software allowing fluid transfers between all hardware and your cellphone. You never have to be without your favorite music, files or programs. They can all be placed on your cell phone. And for data files downloaded from your mobile phone, you can easily transfer these files to your computer as well. HTC Sync Manager synchonizes all your computer driven hardware.

The possibilities with the Sync Manager are limitless. If you're sitting in a classroom and tired, you can record the class lecture. If at any point you miss part of the lecture, you can easily view your recorded lecture and keep all information. Another great use is if you want to repair part of your house. To get pre-estimates on your repair cost, you can have pictures or videos of the work needed and email them to several contractors who can give a more accurate estimate on price. HTC Sync Manager is a great addon for HTC mobile cell phone users.

The files that can be transferred include  Iphone and Windows Media Player playlists, all music, videos, photos, and documents. In addition to transferring files, you can manage all files from your mobile phone as well. And of course, you can transfer in either direction from computer to phone or from phone to computer.

How To Install HTC Sync Manager

The HTC Sync Manager works on Windows XP or later and Mac OS 10.6 or later versions. Sometimes you have to close all running programs before installing the software and disable your anti-virus software.

Next, you need to download the installer . You can do this here">download HTC installer

. Follow the directions on the screen. Once installed, you need to connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Your phone and computer are now in synchronization and you can turn the anti-virus program back on.

Supported File Types



MP4 (MPEG-4)

  • Audio formats and codecs



§ FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)



AAC and M4A (High Efficiency AAC v1 and v2)



MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)



WAV (Resource Interchange File Format)



WMA (Windows Media Audio) - only supported in Windows












  • Document formats



Microsoft® Word: DOC, DOCX



Microsoft Excel®: XLS, XLSX



Microsoft PowerPoint®: PPT, PPTX







How To Import Media Files

All files you wish to import need to be connected to the HTC Sync Manager library first. Click music or gallery and drag the file to the HTC Sync window. Another way to add files is to click Display > Add in the Music or Photo setting to import these files. These files will show up in the This Computer section in the HTC Sync Manager.

Importing from Itunes and Windows Media Player

For Itunes or Windows Media Player users, you can import automatically. You need Itunes 9.0 or Windows Media Player 11 or later versions. Then click Music and Display. Choose Automatically import Itunes or Windows Media Player playlists to HTC Sync Manager .

The Sync Manager will open automatically when you connect your phone to your computer. This can be stopped by clicking the Home > Summary tab and clearing the Open Sync Manager when phone is connected option.

How To Sync Iphone Content and Apps to the HTC Mobile Phone

Transferring files between your Iphone and HTC phone is as easy as the steps outlined for other files. Both Iphone and HTC need to be connected to your computer. Click the Home > Transfer and Backup link and then click Get Started link. Backup your files first by clicking Backup then click the content to transfer to your HTC phone and click OK. It's a simple as that just wait for the files to finish transferring. HTC Sense 6.0 and later models allows you to find the same apps that were used on your Iphone. The other alternative is to download the previous used apps individually.

Importing Documents to Your Cell Phone

One great thing about the HTC phone is you can import documents. You can literally do powerpoint presentations from your cellphone with all the right software. To import documents is very similar to importing other files. First, make sure you can import these files by setting the files type to import. Find the document and click next to the document itself. Select sync Office and PDF files and then click Add. Choose the folder that contains the files and that's it. Wait for the synchronization to finish.


The HTC Sync Manager can make your phone as great as ever. Simply transfer files and have everything there. Iphone, Music, Videos, Apps, Documents, everything can be transferred and synchronized with a few clicks. It's always a great idea to backup all files from any phone to your computer just in case it gets lost . Important phone numbers or contacts are not lost in the process. The transfer process is very easy. It takes just several minutes depending on file size and you are all set to use your HTC phone with all the information and apps that you need.