Maxell Qi Wireless Dual Phone Charger

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Product Description

Maxell Qi Wireless Charging
Innovations in charging have led to wireless charging where you can charge you phone, laptop or other device without plugging it in. The benefit of this set up is you can charge without damaging the connector sites. This is good if you have trouble seeing or have family members like children who often try to fit the connectors without looking at them. You also don't need charging cables. So if portable chargers and cords have been lost in the past, you can rejoice at only needing two pieces here, the mat and the sleeve. Wireless charging works by having the main energy source, the mat, creating and electromagnetic field the device absorbs through the sleeve. Some devices like the Nexus have built in receptors, for other manufacturers like iphone, an adapter is needed to use the Maxell Qi for wireless charging.
Qi Charging
Qi charging has become an industry standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium for power transfer. This system has a pad and receiver. The device is placed on the mat and is charged by resonant inductive coupling. This simply put is there are two coils that are part of resonant circuits that are tuned into the same frequency. This is used in radio circuits as well as wireless chargers. Qi charging is the most popular type of wireless charging and manufacturers like LG, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Nexus, and more support Qi technology. Qi charging technology has been implemented for convenience at many public places like JFK International Airtport, and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee chain. Ikea even has lamps and tables integrated with wireless chargers. The Maxell Qi charging mat and sleeve (sleeve sold seperately) will give you the wireless charge you need. You can charge multiple devices with the dual ports. The charging sleeve is what will tune your phone into the charger. Check your phone in some cases no sleeve is needed . Iphone is the major manufacturer where a sleeve is needed.
Qi Charging for IPhone
Qi wireless charging in iPhone requires an adapter called a sleeve. In this day of multiple manufacturers making similar products, it's important to make sure your Apple wireless sleeve has been certified by Apple themselves. This lets you know Apple has tested and approved this product. There are many unapproved products on the market and people complain about them not working. But, they weren't certified in the first place!! Check for Apple certification. This wireless iphone case type receptor is an example of a Apple certified product. It meets standards and is approved. It also comes with great reviews.


The Maxell Qi wireless pad is about 12 x 9 inches. It is like and often referred to as a a mat.
Black in color. Lay it out where you want to charge your devices and it will charge in no time.
For compatibilitiy check your device to make sure it is compatible with Qi charging and you're all set.
The best thing is that it can charge two devices and that's great for multiple device users.
The price is a little higher but cables aren't needed to connect which save wear and tear on connector sites.

This case is Apple Mfi certified