Presentations With PowerPoint and your Cell Phone Are Easy

The smartphone seems to make advances in technology every year. It's more than a way to call someone in emergencies, or get the time anywhere in the world. The smartphone is a great way to do PowerPoint presentations. No more lugging a notebook, the smartphone easily fits in your pocket or purse. If you have worked with notebooks or Ipads in the past, you know how awkward they can be. The streamlined phone is easy to carry, you don't have to worry about where it is when you are travelling from destination to destination. Though not as powerful as a laptop, for more presentations, you really only need a good graphics software and video software which most mobile cell phones have as standard addon features.

Access Files from Any Computer and Projector

With your smartphone, you are able to access your PowerPoint file via portable disk. You need to transfer files from computer to your smartphone. This is done by connecting the phone to computer and initiating the file transfer protocol between the two devices. Some phones will access a cloud storage system. In this case, files are uploaded to a service like Dropbox or Box from there you can access the data. OneDrive is a windows application standard on Windows Phones. You can connect to any device including PC, Mac, Android and iOS. If your PowerPoint presentation requires Word Docs or Excel spreadsheets, they are all accessible via OneDrive. Be sure to bring an extra USB cable for the connection to your phone and computer you will use for your presentation.

Remote Control Access

It's enough to stand there and give a boring presentation. Moving around and engaging the audience is more stimulating in most lectures with better retention outcomes. You can move around the room where you are presenting and still be on point with your presentation with remote control hardware.  Transition from one slide to the next and parts of the presentation to another smoothly with remote control. Your audience you will find will be less apt to fall asleep and be more focused on your presentation. There are several programs like i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote , Bluetooth Remote PC, or Remote for PowerPoint that allow remote control access.

PowerPoint Presentation via Monitor

If you travel frequently and give many presentations, you are probably familiar with the saying "be prepared". There may be times when a computer is broken or otherwise unavailable. You can use your phone as the device itself.  The HTC phone is a great example of a cell phone with a video output option. The HTC phone uses mini-HDMI/MHL output. Iphones have a 30-pin-to-video-cable that can show videos or in this case, slideshows. Always be prepared and check your individual phone for video output access and how to access it.  And check the type of files that can be used. Some phones output certain types of media while others don't. This comes in handy in most cases. You never know when unforeseen situations arise and you have no access to the presentation you put so much work into.

Presentation Software Varieties

When you use your phone as the device, you also need presentation software. Windows Phone includes PowerPoint viewer but other devices might not have the Windows software bundle. Apps are needed to present the presentation. Some popular types include Slideshark, Prezi, and KnowledgeVision. There are many types on the market. To find the best one for you, you need to assess your own presentation. Are there lots of videos? Do you need to zoom into slides? Ask yourself all the questions you need to make your presentation most effective and select software that suits your needs. Presentation software programs have strengths and weaknesses like most software.

Many people have smartphones but few are making full use of them. If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you now know how to use your smartphone to create your presentation. You save travel space with less baggage to carry and can nimbly go from presentation to lunch or sightseeing if you are travelling in a picturesqe setting. Presentations with PowerPoint and your phone make meetings a breeze.