Save Money with a Cheaper, Pre-Owned, Refurbished Cell Phone

Cell phones have a price range from dirt cheap to very expensive. If you are looking for a cell phone and considering the options. You have many considerations. One would be how you use your phone. For people for whom their phone is everything from gaming to presentations, you need more power than those who use their phone for simply making or receiving phone calls. This is a consideration in deciding the type of phone to buy. The more things you do with your phone, the more apps, the more power and often more expensive. For either type of situation, a cheaper, pre-owned or refurbished phone can be just as effective as a newer, more expensive phone. This article covers good and bad things about owning a cheaper, pre-owned or refurbished cell phone.

Cell phones have a wide price range from $10 and up to $900 or more depending on the apps and hardware added or if the phone is with a provider. Stand alone cell phones where the user purchases their own service plan cost more than phones provided by a service provider. In most cases, you pay a monthly fee . It is similar to leasing a car not buying one. There are several options for the phone leaser. You can renew your lease for a specific period of time often it is 24 months but this varies from company to company. The 24 month lease for a new Samsung top of the line Galaxy S7 is $33  per month for 24 months. Total amount is $792.00 over two years.

For those who need the latest in phones, service providers often provide special deals like being able to trade in cell phones for the latest models once the phone is 50% paid off. This will vary from provider to provider. Another good thing about getting a phone from a provider is the special deals they may have. Fios is offering two cell phones for one price. For households with several children this may be a great way to get additional phones for one price and will provide significant savings over the period of time. More importantly, this can give parents great piece of mind as their children will always be able to  contact them if necessary. Furthermore, children can take pictures of surroundings if they get lost or contact police if necessary.

Gamers and those who use their computers for cutting edge presentations and graphics will often require the latest graphics and apps and as result the most power. For these users the top of the line computer is often a requirement. But for tech savy users a pre-owned phone offers significant savings. The tech savy, a simple phone root or restoring the phone to factory settings will wipe out everything on an pre-owned phone. From there, depending on the computer model, expanding ram is often very easy and you will get a bargain compared to a new top of the line phone. Other people might not have a need for power or ram on their cell phones.

Cell phones have a practical edge in today's world. Now, if you are on vacation and get lost, you can use a GPS and find your way out. If you are hiking in the woods and have an accident, help is literally a phone call away. For these types of scenarios, a prepaid cell phone is your best bet. They are cheap, paid for in advance and can get you help when you need it quickly. Starting at around $10, they provide piece of mind when travelling.  Not only travellers benefit from these types of phones. For those who just want a phone as a way of contacting others, a pre-owned cell phone will do just fine. It's always best to reset to factory settings just to wipe out all information from the previous owner and not be connected to anything the previous owner was. These phones are effective and cheap, the ram, power or apps have less value.

Owning a cell phone is a great asset for travelers or gamers or tech savvy people who can do almost everything on their phone from PowerPoint presentations to playing Candy Crush or just calling friends. There are a wide variety of cell phones and prices that can be matched according to needs. Refurbished phones offer a great alternative to paying top price for the latest models. Cheap prepaid phones provide service when you need it at a great cost.