Selfie Sticks for Cell Phones The Good Bad and The Ugly

Selfie sticks are those stick like things you see with phones on the ends of them. They are used to take self photographs of a single person or group of people. Who would have ever thought the age of self made photos would spring up an industry of selfie sticks but it has happened. I'm going to give a brief history of the selfie stick. There are good and bad things about selfies and selfie sticks.

A selfie stick is a stick like monopod that is extendable like a telescope. The pictures can be taken with either time delay feature on the phone or bluetooth controls that connect to the selfie stick. With the bluetooth control, there is a button on the stick the user presses to take the picture. The handle is usually the widest area to allow the best grip.
Believe or not, selfie type sticks go back to the start of photography. Remote shutter devices were used to create pictures with the photographer. In those days, cameras were not as advanced and there was no up close focusing.

More recently in 1983, a patent for a telescopic extender for handheld cameras was patented in the U.S.. And Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm patented the Quik Pod in 2005.  Many variations have followed. There are several types of selfie sticks including those that can hold laptops as well. Even though the selfie was named by Time magazine one of the best inventions of 2014, it has been around for quite some time before then.
One practical use of the selfie stick is the ability to take pictures where humans can't fit like a crevice,  hole or ajar door. Those amazing photos like on a roller coaster or facial expressions while flying a plane or driving. Some of these types of photos come at great risk for the photographer and there are many reports of people getting killed while taking a selfie. Also, recently beach goers were so captivated with a baby dolphin, they took selfies with it. The dolphin was left out in the sun and lated died. Some amusement parks and other places have banned selfies because of the accidents involved. Disney Parks and Universal studios are examples of this. Selfie sticks are also cited for recording concerts and are banned and museums have banned them because of concern of wear and tear on precious artworks.
Selfie sticks are the in thing right now. They come with precautions for the user. Things to ask yourself before using them are how safe is it to take pictures. If it's windy and you're on cliff and could get blown away, is it worth it to take pictures or stay balanced. Some of those amazing selfies are the last photos of photographer ever seen. Also, think about others around you. Do you want a camera in front of you at a concert or sporting event. If you're having an affair do you want it potentially broadcast. Others around you might be doing this and be uncomfortable with your picture and video taking. Selfies have good and bad aspects to them but it's up to you to decide the right course of action.