Straight Talk Wireless Review

One of the most popular of wireless carriers is Straight Talk. Straight up it's one of the cheapest of all carriers and users can get some of the best deals for smartphones anywhere. Similar to Sprint in the early years, Straight Talk is posed to revolutionize the mobile industry with low rates.  One of their best deals is unlimited data, text and talk for $55.  This is better than most of the larger carriers. Phone bills can be cheaper than landlines, if you still have one! This article covers some of the good and bad things about Straight Talk.

Straight Talk is part of Tracfone and is sold across the internet including Amazon. The hallmark of Straight Talk is cheap phones, great coverage and poor customer service. You can fill your plan and use it as you use it or pay a monthly fee. Believe it or not you get, what is for most, more than enough minutes, data and messaging units all for a cheap price. For cell phone users who are always on the phone between children and friends this is a great option. There are several plans. So, assess your needs and find a plan that might work best for you.

Straight Talk $45 30 Day Service Card (Mail Delivery)

The customer service is available on from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST. For those out of that time zone it can be a drag. And there is usually long waits to speak  to someone. But, there is an automated section where you can refill your plan or activate your plan.

One of the great things about Straight Talk Wireless is that no credit checks are needed. Some companies will increase your fees or exclude you from a heavily advertised special if you have a late fee in your credit history. Straight Talk doesn't check credit history so that is not a problem. Another great thing about Straight Talk is there is no contract with a hefty fee for early termination. This is where some of the other wireless companies get the customer. They will offer a special and not put in the early termination clause. You could technically owe more on these special deals than getting something cheaper in the first place.

The monthly plan includes all text and mulitimedia messaging are included in Straight Talk's monthly fee. There are two types of data plans one has 100 MB and all other plans have low speed and 5 GB high speed. You have high speed for 5 GB then it goes to low speed for the remainder of the month this if for $45.00.

International Calling

unlimited long distance wireless

International calls are available, but you'll have to check first to see if the country you might call frequently is on the list. China, Mexico, France, India are some of the included check out the picture for countries available. The basis is $60 per month. For those who make frequent international calls, this could be big savings.

Locked Phones at Straight Talk

You can choose a variety of locked phones at Straight Talk. A locked phone is one that comes with a service provider. In this case, it would be Straight Talk Wireless. Iphone, Samsung, Lg, Alcatel, ZTE, and Huawei are the primary phones available. This varies from location where the phone will be used. To insure the availability, you need to check the location where it will be used and there is a handy zip code feature that gives you the available options. Voicemail, caller id, nationwide long distance, 411 and 911 calls are standard features. The cheapest phone is around $10 per month and it goes up from there.

One downside to  Straight Talk is the poor customer service. It seems best to get  make sure you are getting your Straight Talk merchandise directly from Straight Talk or make sure the seller is  authorized. There seems to be little in the way of resolutions to problems otherwise. Cross the Ts and dot the Is and you should be fine.


If you're looking for a deal, Straight Talk is it. It offers some of the lowest prices for all mobile  phone services. Low monthly fees save you money and means more in your pocket. The service is available from 8 am to midnight and for emergency issues with use this could be a problem. But barring that the low cost make this phone a winner.