Viewing and Managing Media with Your HTC Phone

HTC Sync Manager can make your cell phone become your one stop media player. Listen to music, edit photos and view videos. Enjoying music, videos, and photos is very easy. First, connect your phone to your computer. The Sync Manager screen will show up if it is on both phone and computer. You might need to download the software and you can do this at HTC Sync Manager download. After ensuring you have the HTC Sync manager installed, click Music. Click beside the category to alter the categories. The categories include Albums, Artists, or Genres. Move the mouse over the small icon and click to play all songs of either Albums, Artists or Genres. If you double-click an icon, you can view the song playlist. If you double-click an item it will play. In this mode, the next song in the list will play automatically. Controls at the bottom of the screen allow you to pause, resume, or playback songs. You can also slide the progress bar to get to specific point of the song.

If you click Music on your phone, you can find all the songs located on your phone. After clicking Music, the click the phone name on the left. If you double-click the song, it will play. The next song plays automatically. HTC Sync Manager allows you to create a playlist

Creating A Playlist

When you have a playlist, you have a collection of your favorite songs. This is great. A cool example of a playlist is using a collection of songs for exercise. A party is another example. You can have a playlist of themed music for a party. A Halloween party can have a particular set of songs, a dance party another set of songs. To create a playlist in the HTC Sync Manager, click Music. Select the music to add to the playlist. To select items in Windows, hold the CTRL key and the items to move. In Mac you have to hold the command key and items to add to your playlist. Then click Add New Playlist in the This Computer section or phone name onf the left pane. Create a playlist name like Halloween music, Exercise music and click OK. You can also add new music to an established playlist by selecting the music and right clicking them to choose whether to add them to your computer or phone.

Pictures and Videos

HTC Sync Manager has several ways to look at pictures and videos, either by date or gallery. First, in HTC Sync Manager click gallery. Here, you can view by either date or gallery. Media by date groups pictures and video based on the time taken and this can be day, month, or year. The Albums view groups media by name. If you double-click an icon, you will open a set of pictures and/or videos. You can then filter them by type of picture by clicking Filter and choosing pictures, continuous pictures or Zoe pictures. Double-clicking a picture or video will increase the size of the media. You can also see pictures and videos stored on your phone when you connect your phone to your computer.

Merging Picture and Video Collections

If you take a series of pictures and/or videos on the same subject over a period of time. You may have several folders that you want merged into one. For example, if you copy lectures from physics class, each one has a seperate folder. You might want to put them all in one folder called Physics. To merge pictures and videos, select the media and click Add New Album  under This Computer. To copy or move media select them and then right click and choose to copy or move them to a folder on your computer or phone.

Changing Pictures

When you take pictures, you might want to edit them later. For example, you can zoom a picture and make a copy of result. Also in HTC with Zoe technology allows you to make the best picture from a series of still photos. To redo pictures, double-click the folder where the pictures are and click the picture to change. Then, you can crop, or rotate the picture. When finished, click apply. When you go to the next picture, you'll be asked to save the picture and click save the changes.

There are times you want to delete pictures from your phone, To delete in HTC Sync Manager, click the media. Then, click keep file to remove the picture or video from your phone only. Click OK to remove file from both phone and computer. It's very easy to change and delete files with your HTC Manager.

With HTC Sync Manager your phone is your all in all media collection. It's easy to add videos and pictures. Editing them is just a click away. With the Sync Manager creating a jogging music playlist is a breeze. And deleting media files you don't need anymore or to save space is a snap.