Zoe Technology and HTC Phones

The latest models of HTC One phones come with Zoe technology. Zoe is short for Zoetrope, a cylinder type device that spins to create illusions of movement in series of images. The phone itself is a mega-pixel phone with greater capabilities that ever. With the Zoe feature, whenever you take a 3 second video, you are also making a series of pictures with the movement of that picture. This works best on subjects that are moving. For example, a landscape picture while on vacation is still. There's no movement so it will not be an advantage to use the Zoe feature. However, blowing out candles on a birthday cake is good example if you want the exact moment the candles are blown out. With the Zoe feature you are able to go back and capture that exact moment. Another example is sporting events like gymnastics.

Video: HTC Zoe Technology


Zoe Technology in use. See an in motion series of pictures and snapshot from one of the frames.

Activating the Zoe Feature in HTC One

The screen of the HTC One phone has a small button on the left side,  tap it and blue light and Zoe mode is on. Simply tapping the shutter button and the Zoe image is taken. The image is then available for editing in the gallery section. As you go over the series of pictures, you can decide which picture you want to keep and save as a highlight picture. To save simply hit Menu > Save frame and you will have the "great picture"  of the video series.

Additional features of the Zoe are the ability to process all the frames and have each one as a single image. The user must be still while completing the photo shoot. The Always Smile mode is another feature but it doesn't work all the time. If lighting is bad for example the smile feature might not be accurate. Zoe can remove objects that appear briefly in a series of photos by using another frame as a background. But if someone stays there or interacts with the subject then it won't work.

It's best to take time and learn the HTC One method. There are dozens of apps out there but working the HTC One apps is best since the technology is better understood and created on the same platform.

Zoe technology has brought the phone along way from its humble origins. You have a phone that really goes the distance with great value added bonuses. HTC One is really number one!!